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1. Advertisement –Print (Advertisement and Marketing)

  • Designing of advertisements
  • Space allotment for paid ads
  • Delivery of release order for the same to newspapers
  • Allotment of space for tender/auction, lookout notice
  • Delivery of release order as per rotation chart
  • Issuance of identity cards to marketing executives of print and electronic media
  • Validation of bill statement
  • Sanctioning of bills
  • Preparation of media list for newspapers based on their circulation and ads
  • Preparation of media list for magazines based on their circulation and ads

2. Advertisement -Electronic Media (Advertisement and Marketing)

  • Production and release of electronic media advertisements for various government departments like video-audio-web display ads
  • Fixation of advertisement rates and payment of bills
  • Marketing of department produced ads through other agencies
  • Distribution of id cards to personnel of electronic media marketing division
  • Production and distribution of electronic media advertisements for other departments
  • Facilitating other departments in advertisement production
  • Preparation of media list for Electronic media (TV, FM, Online)
  • Empanelment of cinema theatre ad agencies

3. Audio- Video Documentation

  • Maintaining a audio-video digitalized archives
  • Documentary production works
  • Co-ordination of documentation stringers in districts
  • Archiving of data for department and government
  • Production of documentaries highlighting cultural heritage of the State and developmental and welfare activities of government
  • Pre-production and post-production works of Nava Keralam programme
  • Information officer (Audio-Video Documentation) acts as the cost committee convener of outhouse productions

4. Circulation & Distribution

  • Printing and circulation of all publications of the department as per prepared mailing list
  • Work-order allotment and management
  • Release of work-order for outsourcing (colour) films for printing in government press
  • Assessment of printing status of publications at all stages
  • Distribution of publications through mail to subscribers included in mailing list
  • Distribution of publications through courier service to district information offices
  • Maintaining a stamp register and mailing list for circulation purpose
  • Redressal system to resolve complaints regarding circulation
  • Circulation of posters, booklets, and other publications through district information offices
  • Maintains records of printing and circulation, publication of posters, booklets and hand-outs etc.
  • Circulation of publications to Hon’ble Chief Minister, other ministers, opposition leader, Niyamasabha Speaker, Members of Legislative Assembly, secretaries etc.
  • State-wide circulation of all publications of department, circulation of publications to the New Delhi Information Office
  • Identifying market for the publications
  • Transportation of printed materials from the press and timely circulation to the Ministers, Government Secretaries and media persons
  • Informing the departments and institutions about the details of the publications are the important activities carried out by this section

5. Co-coordinating News Editor

  • Video coverage of government programmes throughout the State
  • Distribution of edited video footages to various television channels through Clip-mail
  • Production of news/ development oriented programmes for audio-visual media
  • Coordination of video stringers in other districts
  • Technical support to the video clip mail system in directorate and district offices
  • Supervision of the video news logging
  • Video coverage of programmes in the State capital
  • Maintenance of an edit suit for news clipping services
  • News clippings edited and produced by the unit are available at which can be accessed by ministers, speaker, media organisations, television channels and websites
  • In addition the division maintains video stringers for the coverage of official programmes all over the State

6. Cultural Development 

  • Organizes various cultural events, fairs and festivals, film festivals
  • Co-ordinates inter-state cultural exchange programmes
  • Distribution of 35 mm films, audio-video CDs and DVDs
  • Maintenance of film library/archives
  • Organizes various cultural programmes in consensus with various cultural organisations in other States as part of promotional activities of the State’s cultural diversity
  • Maintenance of Tagore Theatre
  • Purchase of films and documentaries

7. English Editorial

  • Data compilation, writing, translation, editing, proof reading, layout, design, communication with writers, co-ordination with press, fixation of remuneration to writers for Kerala Calling magazine, Heritage series publications, Handbook on Kerala, various reference books etc.
  • Publication of books highlighting the achievements and welfare programmes of the government
  • Publication of booklets reflecting developmental and cultural arena of the State, and other works in English published by the department
  • Also the division monitors the online version/publication of Kerala Calling

8. Field Publicity:

  • Coordination of exhibitions, mobile exhibition unit, IT enabled video wall, field publicity activities, public awareness programmes
  • Intensive campaigns on special occasions like Gandhi Jayanthi, Reading Day, Reading Week etc.
  • Coordination of I&PRD team deputed for Republic Day Parade in New Delhi
  • Nodal department for the Kerala state to participate in India International Trade Fair (IITF), New Delhi
  • Multi-media campaigns for IITF
  • Event management and coordination for State Media Award
  • Event management for seminars/ workshops organised by the department
  • Special campaigns on the occasion of anniversary celebrations of the state ministry
  • Execution of outreach programmes
  • Maintenance of department hoardings
  • Nodal division for special campaigns
  • Execution of interstate PR activities, exhibitions and programmes

9. Malayalam Editorial

  • Publication of Samakalika Janapadham, other Malayalam publications and reference books
  • Data compilation, writing, translation, editing, proof reading, layout, design, communication with writers, fixation of remuneration to writers for Samakalika Janapadham magazine, and other works in Malayalam published by the department
  • Publications on official language
  • Special issues on the anniversary celebrations of the government
  • Books on contemporary subjects, subjects seeking public awareness
  • Preparing online posters and e- bulletin
  • The division also monitors the online version/publication of Samakalika Janapadham

10. Pension

  • Monitoring Journalists and Non-Journalists pension – registration
  • Journalists and Non-Journalists pension approval

11. Photography

  • Photo coverage of government programmes throughout the State
  • Photo coverage of functions of ministers and other dignitaries
  • Photo coverage of campaigns and other events
  • Photo documentation
  • Maintenance of Photo Archive
  • Photographers contract renewal
  • Indexing of colour transparency and slides
  • Sale of photographs to general public on fixed price

12. Planning & Development

  • Data compilation for State Budget, Governor's address
  • Preparation of approach documents for Planning Board and Five-Year plan programmes
  • Submission of annual plan proposals to planning board
  • Preparation of draft project report for implementing new schemes and programmes in the department
  • Agenda setting for conference of Members of Parliament prior to each Parliament sessions
  • Data compilation to assist submission of annual report of Information and Public Relations Department; Project proposal for upgrading of various sections and district information offices etc.
  • Preparation and submission of Supplementary Demand for Grants (SDG) Report to Legislative Assembly Subject Committee
  • Online progress update regarding impactful projects in Hon’ble Chief Minister’s project monitoring portal
  • Periodic review of Plan Progress and updates in Plan Space portal
  • Preparation of draft report for inclusion in State Planning Board’s Annual Economic Review Report

13. Press Release

  • Coverage of official events of Hon’ble ministers and senior officials
  • Issuance of identity cards to editor, managing editor, executive editor, chief editor of newspapers, magazines
  • Issuance of press releases and news follow up
  • Press Accreditation facility for journalists
  • Arrange Press tours
  • Provide video clippings to channels
  • Provide newspapers for ministers and senior officials
  • VVIP visit facilitation
  • Provide news agency service to Hon’ble Chief Minister’s office.

(Functional on all days)

14. Programme Production

  • Production and co-ordination of programmes for television channels and radio
  • Production work of Janapadham- a weekly radio programme, Priya Keralam- a news oriented programme in Doordarshan and Naam Munnottu – a weekly interactive television programme of Hon’ble Chief Minister

15. Research & Reference

  • Maintaining a State Information Centre for responding to queries related to government schemes offered directly or via telephone
  • It has a reference library with a good number of books from the State and the Central government and is availing books for public, students and media persons through reference library
  • Availing dailies and gazettes for public, students and media persons, etc. Co-ordination of training programmes for department personnel
  • Arranging unpaid internship for media students
  • Publication of election guide, district handbooks and media handbooks
  • Assistance to publications of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India
  • Execution of Press and Registration of Books (P.R.B) Act
  • Keeping registers for dailies, periodicals
  • Circulation of publications and periodicals
  • Information centre facility
  • Reference library
  • Circulation of books and other materials for reference to the department staff
  • Filing copies of newspapers and periodicals for future reference
  • Keeping list of department heads and important personalities etc
  • Issuance of identity cards to editor, managing editor, executive editor, chief editor of newspapers, magazines

16. Scrutiny

  • Daily and weekly summing up of News
  • Filing of news papers
  • Providing feed back to Government from media
  • Publishing Economic News Digest
  • Consolidate news from other state dailies
  • Prepare press clippings for various departments
  • Prepare press clippings in connection with VVIP Visit
  • Prepare feedback from the input received from District Information Offices

17. Web & New Media

  • Maintenance of Kerala Government’s official web portal
  • Maintenance of I&PRD website
  • Maintenance of I&PRD News portal
  • Maintenance of websites for Hon’ble Chief Minister and all other ministers
  • Maintenance of All India Service (GAD Special) website
  • Maintenance of Personal Assets website of minister
  • Maintenance of website exclusively for Sabarimala temple (,
  • Maintenance of PRD Live App, GoK Direct App, Face Book page, Twitter account, You Tube Channel and Instagram page of the department.