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Additional Director (General & Administration)

Additional Director (General& Administration) is in charge of general administration matters of the department, organising India International Trade Fair New Delhi, planning and development matters, prompt and time bound usage of budget plan funds, coordination of deputy directors, coordination of meetings on  Annual plans and Five Year plans and budget proposals; reporting the status of department through evaluation of each and every departmental activities; arranging monthly evaluation committees and thereby to submit reports to director and secretary concerned.

            He/she is the convener of Plan Progress Review Committee.  Also, he/she is in direct charge of Planning and Development Division, Advertisement (Print) and Media Academy Kakkanad. Information Officer, Planning and Development Division works under the direction of Additional Director (General& Administration).

            Data compilation for State Budget and Governor's Address to the Legislative Assembly are prepared under the direction of Additional Director (General & Administration). In addition to these, data compilation works for Five-Year plan programmes, submission of Annual plan proposals to Planning Board, preparation of draft project report for implementing new schemes and programmes in the department are planned and implemented through the division.

            Agenda setting for conference of Members of Parliament prior to each Parliament session and contributions to Result Framework Document (RFD) project- a central government initiative are other major duties co-ordinated by Additional Director (General and Administration).

                Planning, development and submission of project proposal of district level programmes are organised through seminars and workshops and submission of compiled data for preparing annual report of Information Public Relations Department are under the sections control.